Author: dburt

How to Add Your Images to Stellarium!

While adding landscape is common, did you know you can add your deep sky objects to Stellarium? You CAN! It’s not as simple as replacing the image in the main Stellarium directory, however. You need to generate information so Stellarium orients the object correctly, AND put them in a location where they won’t be lost after an update. So, sit back, and follow along!

Once the Clouds are Gone, Fun Ideas On The Way!

While it is the middle of winter here in Pennsylvania, I am eagerly awaiting clear skies soon. I have many ideas for videos and guides that do require a clear sky, and a bunch that don’t. This is why I have been mainly making guides that can be done indoors at the moment, I have a lot I can discuss with you (the reader/watcher) while it is cloudy out. Some things to watch out for: An experiment with the moon using my William Optics Zenithstar 61 and Canon t7i. I’ll be trying a combination of a barlow lens and digital…