Author: dburt

Once the Clouds are Gone, Fun Ideas On The Way!

While it is the middle of winter here in Pennsylvania, I am eagerly awaiting clear skies soon. I have many ideas for videos and guides that do require a clear sky, and a bunch that don’t. This is why I have been mainly making guides that can be done indoors at the moment, I have a lot I can discuss with you (the reader/watcher) while it is cloudy out. Some things to watch out for: An experiment with the moon using my William Optics Zenithstar 61 and Canon t7i. I’ll be trying a combination of a barlow lens and digital…

Stellarium for Beginners

In this video, we go over Stellarium for beginners. This is a general overview with a short setup guide. This video is part of a series where I will show how to set up Stellarium with your gear and location. Dark sky tip of the week: Talk to friends and family members about their outdoor lighting. Polite reminders as you show them your work could lead to them changing their fixtures to dark sky friendly ones!

Widefield vs Deep Sky Imaging In this video, we do a quick overview of widefield vs deep sky, and a few pros and cons of each. Both have different aspects, and you’ll need to know them when you are just starting out! Dark sky tip of the week: You can help battle light pollution at home by making sure your outdoor lighting is well-shielded. Check the following link to the IDA page explaining shielding practices.