Videos are Back to Weekly!

Well, the craziness that was August is over, and the YouTube channel is going back to weekly videos! I have a few videos planned. The first one being the target list for September to December (similar to the June-August one). I have a few others in the works for the following couple of weeks….. and then there’s something new about the ASI Air you might need to know. It’s been upgraded, and the new version may be a PLUS? Don’t know what I’m talking about? Watch for updates around the beginning of October.

August is a BUSY MONTH!

I have a lot going on in August, annual vacation that is in no way astro related, a few changes at work and home that are planned…. it’s a bunch! So, just for August, I am going to do bi-weekly videos, then go back to weekly in September. Good thing is, by then, I’ll have a bunch of videos lined up and ready to roll to help you all be ready for the upcoming time of year! Also, I want to give a HUGE thank you to all of the subscribers! I’m waiting for that 1,000 subscriber mark. That’s when…

The Clouds And Smoke, They Aren’t A Joke!

Oh man, the smoke from the Western US and Canadian wildfires have royally screwed up some great nights. During the day around here, the sky, while otherwise clear, looked to be a pale white. Before the smoke rolled in, clouds ended up getting in the way of star parties in this area. The best part though is that it allowed me to work on a few video projects. One you have already seen, more to come! It’s such a huge bummer, as I recently ordered and received the Rokinon 135mm, but haven’t gotten a chance to use it yet. I’ve…

The Delay is OVER!

After dealing with the audio issues, and some other problems at home I’d rather not publicize, next video is scheduled for Monday, July 12th. We’re also entering the time of year where it’s more clear in my region, the clouds should be disappearing soon, so more “let’s shoot ‘X’ object videos should be coming as well! What are you looking forward to taking an image of?

No Video the Week of the Northern Summer Solstice :(

No video this coming week. It did not turn out how I thought it would. Many audio issues plagued me with the video, and I’ve spent over a week trying to fix it. I tried using the tablet I control the ASI Air as my audio source when showing what’s happening in the app, apparently that’s an awful idea. My mic doesn’t work too well with it. Lesson learned. Until then, check out the new image in my images gallery, that’s what I shot while I was out recording that video. Clear skies, I’ll see you all next week.

ASI Air Tips Video Follow-up

Let me start of with saying thank you, and welcome, to all of the new subscribers because of the ASI AIR tips video. That video has done way better than I thought it would. Thank you all for the kind words! What I’ve Noticed I’ve seen a lot of questions related to video mode. I am eager to figure out the connection problems you are all seeing. For now, if you are on a DSLR, I recommend unplugging it from the air and focusing using the DSLR’s video mode. I have the feeling that the Air is smart enough to…

Plans, Plans, Plans!

One of the major things with astrophotography is that you need to plan! Luckily, I have one coming up. The Cherry Springs Star Party that usually happens around this time of year has been cancelled. But, I already had the time off, might as well go anyways! In those plans, I have a few images in the works, and a few videos planned for while up there. If you are an action seeker, and an astro photographer, you might find one of those videos interesting…… Until then, a few more tips videos are in the works to tide the time…

Once the Clouds are Gone, Fun Ideas On The Way!

While it is the middle of winter here in Pennsylvania, I am eagerly awaiting clear skies soon. I have many ideas for videos and guides that do require a clear sky, and a bunch that don’t. This is why I have been mainly making guides that can be done indoors at the moment, I have a lot I can discuss with you (the reader/watcher) while it is cloudy out. Some things to watch out for: An experiment with the moon using my William Optics Zenithstar 61 and Canon t7i. I’ll be trying a combination of a barlow lens and digital…