Once the Clouds are Gone, Fun Ideas On The Way!

While it is the middle of winter here in Pennsylvania, I am eagerly awaiting clear skies soon. I have many ideas for videos and guides that do require a clear sky, and a bunch that don’t. This is why I have been mainly making guides that can be done indoors at the moment, I have a lot I can discuss with you (the reader/watcher) while it is cloudy out. Some things to watch out for:

An experiment with the moon using my William Optics Zenithstar 61 and Canon t7i. I’ll be trying a combination of a barlow lens and digital zoom to mimic using a much larger scope. Will it work? Keep an eye on the YouTube channel to find out!

Galaxy season is upon us. While we’d expect larger scopes to be the go-to for galaxies, let’s see what small scopes can do.

Let’s see if that digital zoom thing works for planets too, when Jupiter and Saturn are visible earlier in the night later this year.

Notice a theme yet?

Of course, when the chance arises, we’ll image some nebulae and other objects.

If you haven’t followed along on the YouTube channel, please pop over and subscribe so you can keep an eye on the videos coming out!

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