Updates are a-comin! Status of the updates

I mentioned I’ve had goals for this site and the YouTube channel, and they are coming together. I’m reworking some of the pages that exist. Anything that was a guide or review video will have an accompanying text version, complete with pictures. That way, it isn’t just a post with a video link. Some people may prefer reading over watching, and I get that. Hopefully, for the guides, it helps out.

After all of those updates are finished, going forward I’ll start to slightly split the topics. Some will be video, some text, and some a mix of both. I want to keep it easy for guides to update in case something changes or new features get added, that way you, the reader/watcher, can get accurate information.

When I have the updates to the old stuff, there will be a new look as well. Keep an eye out for it!

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