November Goals – Working to Expand The Website

In my previous post I mentioned how I did not like how little I was adding to this website. Well, I’ve set some goals. Along with the weekly video on YouTube, I’ve set some goals that will help keep new content coming in. In addition, some guides or reviews may be in conjunction with a YouTube video, but not all of them. However, each review will follow these rules:

  • Reviews will require a minimum of six months and/or ten uses
  • Manufacturers will not influence reviews in any way

These two simple rules allows proper time to form an honest opinion. Every piece of gear in astrophotography has some kind of quirk, and I need to find them. With that, the required time helps find any issues that will be pointed out during the review.

I was brainstorming this past weekend over what written topics I could cover. I have a bunch of things in the works! With the cloudy season hitting, it works in favor of creating the pages needed. Although, as soon as it clears up, it’s time to get back under the stars! If you have topics you are looking for, keep an eye out on the community tab on the YouTube channel, some plans are coming for that as well in November.

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