ASI Air Tips Video Follow-up

Let me start of with saying thank you, and welcome, to all of the new subscribers because of the ASI AIR tips video. That video has done way better than I thought it would. Thank you all for the kind words!

What I’ve Noticed

I’ve seen a lot of questions related to video mode. I am eager to figure out the connection problems you are all seeing. For now, if you are on a DSLR, I recommend unplugging it from the air and focusing using the DSLR’s video mode. I have the feeling that the Air is smart enough to know when a camera has it’s own video mode, and can’t control it directly. For now anyways.

In regards to ZWO’s own cameras not showing video mode, it may be a bug. For that, all I can recommend is to uninstall and reinstall the app from your phone/tablet, to see if it forces an update on the Air. The other thing you could try is installing ZWO’s camera drivers on your computer. From there, plug camera into the computer to see if there’s a firmware update to allow the Air to control it.

Plans Going Forward

I am going to play around with both the ASI294MC Pro and my Canon t7i and come up with a list of differences when the two are plugged in. Hopefully this will help going forward if there are any questions. The table will be in the Hardware Guides section when it is finished.

Along with all of the other comments on that video, it is getting me thinking ahead to the next bit of videos I have planned. I am still planning on a few things for my upcoming Cherry Springs trip, but you guys have got me thinking and planning the videos after that.

Clear Skies!

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