The Clouds And Smoke, They Aren’t A Joke!

Oh man, the smoke from the Western US and Canadian wildfires have royally screwed up some great nights. During the day around here, the sky, while otherwise clear, looked to be a pale white. Before the smoke rolled in, clouds ended up getting in the way of star parties in this area. The best part though is that it allowed me to work on a few video projects. One you have already seen, more to come!

It’s such a huge bummer, as I recently ordered and received the Rokinon 135mm, but haven’t gotten a chance to use it yet. I’ve been looking forward to using it to start a project with Rho Ophiuchi and the surrounding area, but it looks like I’ll have to shift to ideas for the autumn and winter (here in the Northern Hemisphere). But, hey, it’s a plan!

I still have plans for the planets using the small telescope. We’ll see how pushing that small scopes goes! They will be visible early enough soon. Stay tuned to the YouTube channel (and here) for those projects.

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